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The Pleasantville Ambulance Corps (PVAC) is a group of volunteers totally committed to providing the communities of Pleasantville and Thornwood with the highest level of Basic Life Support care available. This service is provided free of charge, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Find out more about Advanced Life Support.

Is your 911 address properly displayed and visible from the road?

In the event of an emergency, we rely on locating your residence or business as quickly as possible. Adequate signage of your 911 address is imperative in reducing our response times.  Private roadways and driveways should also be correctly identified. Doing so just may save your life!

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Since it's establishment in 1951, PVAC has grown to provide emergency ambulance service certified by the New York State Department of Health. We operate three state of the art ambulances equipped with the most up-to-date emergency lifesaving apparatus available to the corps.

Any person 18 years or older can participate as an adult member under one of the following programs. A trainee member is a newly elected member who participates as an assistant on regular ambulance crews until his or her training is complete. An active adult member must have completed a course in CPR (free of charge through PVAC) within 6 months of joining. Emergency Medical Technician Certification is suggested of this member by the end of his or her third year with us (also free through PVAC). A driver-only member receives Emergency Vehicle Operations training and will act as the primary driver on an assigned crew.

A Youth Corps member is a student at least 16 years of age. These individuals, with parental consent, will participate on regularly scheduled ambulance crews.

Scheduled crews: ambulance crew members have a choice to serve days or nights, during the week or on the weekend with the flexibility to adjust the time of service to their own personal schedules.  We ask only that members be available for duty a total of 24 hours per month. Members are provided with small radio pagers allowing them to go about their regular routine within a 5-minute radius of the building. Ambulance crews are 3 to 4 members, consisting of an EMT crew chief, a driver, and two other EMT's, trainees, or Certified First Responders. Trainees are placed on crews designed to provide training and support to the newcomer. All equipment, training, and supplies are provided to the member without cost.

Membership in PVAC provides many rewards including the gratification of being able to serve the community in a unique way. This is an opportunity for you to gain self-confidence in knowing how to handle emergencies, gain community respect, and form new friendships. At PVAC, there is a way for anyone to participate, regardless of experience, age, or background. To join, contact us at 914-769-9299 or e-mail us at pvacems@pleasantvillevac.org.

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